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Medaka Box

Medaka Box Image
Series ID 102152
English Title Medaka Box
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Romaji Title Medaka Bokkusu
Furigana Title めだかボックス
Japanese Title めだかボックス
Japanese Studio Name ガイナックス
English Studio Name Gainax
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ecchi, comedy, action, martial arts, romance, school, shounen
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 6
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Medaka Kurokami


Youka Naze

Main Character

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
Hansode Shiranui
Kouki Akune
Mogana Kikaijima


Urushi Akizuki
Akizuki's puppy


Harigane Onigase
Mahibi Moji
Habataki Hyuuga
Nekomi Nabeshima
Rankaku Yoshinogari
Aria Ariake
Fue Yobuko
Hisshuu Kanoya
Isagi Isahaya
Kenna Yatsushiro
Hakama Shiranui
Tanzaku Aso
Betsuhei Jounan
Sotsu Tanegashima
Myouri Unzen
Umumichi Yakushima
Kiki Kikitsu
Kyousai Usa
Shori Wanizuka
Ima Takarabe


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Jun 20, 2014
Pearls 102 Diamonds 72 Sapphires 9 Rubies 83 Rei

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Medaka Box


Some episodes have rather high amounts of violence. No gore, no horror, no dismemberment, no death. Just some unrealistic injuries and medical stuff. Like body organs being removed.

Aug 30, 2017
Pearls 10 Diamonds 34 Sapphires 95 Rubies 55 OBlanco
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Medaka Box


Some of the violence does tred more toward high or extreme, but not in the Elfen Lied way, far more implied and though a bit more graphic, the violence and injuries from ollder cartoons.

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Brave Knight

Score:2 Started watching this after hearing recommendations from pretty much everyone. Okay, I see why they recommended it now. So far only saw first episode, but it's pretty awesome. Though I keep noticing that Medaka resembles Rias Gremory from High School DxD, combined maybe with some kind of Oda Nobunaga or any other overlord
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