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Sponsored with ♥ May 29, 2018 | Rei
We're getting close to the end of May, so I'll write a bit about what's new, and what's in the works.

First up, Sponsored with ♥


Members who support ACDB with PayPal or Patreon will have the option of using up to their total donations to sponsor pages.

I need $400/month just to pay the bills, and $30/day if I am to plan for upgrading the ACDB server. We're getting close to the End of Life point for both the OS and hardware ACDB is running on.

1354 days of uptime tho, is damn nice. Credit to FreeBSD, DBD LLC, and quality Dell servers. xD

Other news as you may have guessed from the screenshot - I've begun work on a dark theme. There's about 3000 instances of inline styles, so it'll take a little time to get every page looking nice and consistent. We'll have it finished this summer, for sure!

The top banner will probably change again, should Eiki send me some screenshots.

It's been 13 months now that we've been with Project Wonderful. Thank you to everyone who has placed a bid on ACDB with them ! ^_^

On the server admin side of things, one of our 13 webservers managed to crash again. The cause seems now to have been a poor config choice. I've made some changes there, so hopefully the next crash recovers automatically. If not, I also wrote a program to check for a crashed server hourly, and auto restart it.

You know when I started building ACDB, I was a huge fan of OpenBSD and Gentoo Linux.

Over time, I shifted to FreeBSD and Debian Linux.

Now, I'm growing accustomed to Slackware Linux.

It has all the tools I want, the stability I need, and it's been quite a lot of fun.

I've also updated our SSL cert today, buying us another 3 months until I have to do it again.

I have sooooooo much on my todo list.

Relations and Extra Details needs a revisit.
There's ALWAYS more than can be done with cards.
CotX features could be revisited to use the verified votes feature.
I need tools to easily issue SS Treasure Hunting licenses to supporters.
The dark theme has only just begun, plenty more to do with that.
I have some ideas I'm kicking around for working Secret Societies into Guilds. Like I want to open an Illuminati Lodge on ACDB
Then there's Disqus ... could add a patch like YuriYuri suggested ( click to load ).
Maybe something with videos could be good.
And I'd like to get Quotes for all the most visited characters, at the very least indexing an episode they appear in.

And then there's the next big project ... the redesign for Series pages.
New Character Profile Live May 9, 2018 | Rei
The new character profile design is live now for members.

If you need the old layout in a pinch, just change the url from characters.php?id=36120 to 2017characters.php?id=36120


Our front page has been replaced with the UX Search


I've dropped the google ads on the sides as well as the 3rd project wonderful banner - replacing it with a couple square google ads.

Also did away with the 1000px container - will now use all available screen space.


I have near a dozen requests piled up to consider ...

I'd like to focus my energy polishing up the remaining sections of the new character profiles, improve the edit character tools, make it easier for members to see their contributions and moderation status - then start work doing this all over again for series pages. That'll easily take all of May.
Profile Redesign WIP Apr 25, 2018 | Rei
I've taken on two very big projects. Redesigning our character profiles, and redesigning our series profiles. I'd welcome ideas and request to make this very best on the internet! xD

Current character profile design:


Work in progress for the new design:

[Image] [Image]

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