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Easter Egg Hunt is LIVE Mar 29, 2018 | Rei
At Nanfenkoff's suggestion, and with his help, we're doing an Easter Egg hunt in place of treasure hunting.

The drop rate is a little lower. However!

There are 3 types of eggs you can find, and they will contain from 1 to 3 cards plus the usual jewels.

For the duration of the event, there are no limits on how many eggs you can find.

How to play:

Look for an Egg on character profiles like so [Image] and then click it to claim [Image]

You can use the keyboard shortcut pressing 'r' for a random character.

Have fun everyone! And Happy Easter ! ^_^
Roll Essences Mar 24, 2018 | Rei
Essence Extractor


I've added the option to convert essences into random cards. You can roll 1 for a 10% chance, or roll 10 for a 100% chance. There's still room t o improve this, and I will be considering everyone's feedback.

Some sticking points are

* SSS cards are capped at 1 copy
* If the card chosen is one you are already capped at, you lose it and the essences spent ... maybe what I should do is turn something really really bad into something really really good ... like giving you a voucher that allows you to choose ANY CARD ( of that rarity ). I'll see if I can make this happen.

Voice Actors

Ever hear a familiar voice when watching a series for the first time? When looking up Aya Hirano ( god i love her voice sooo much xD ) I doscovered the uh ... character and series listing looked horrible. I've replaced that mess with a more compact table view. xD

And don't forget to check out Voice Actors In sometime. It can be reached by clicking the VA link found on any series page. It's some amazing code I whipped up, but far too esoteric for it's awesomeness.

[Image] [Image]

Minimi-ke Lines

I'm indexing subs from Minami-ke for the lolz. I used to work with Ayako Fansubs back when they were doing this series. Storyteller ( an IRC bot ) had a Ninomiya-kun !!!! SENSEI!!! script that was sooo badly abused in #Ayako .. ahh fond memories. xD

I'm also part way done an update to allow filtering the list of cards to be extracted ... Selecting a Card Set is one thing, selecting the rarity tho is much greater challenge to code.
What I'm Working On Mar 16, 2018 | Rei
I'm going to take some time to revisit cards this month.

There have been a lot of great ideas sent my way, and I will take some time to look into as many as I can.

To name a few:

Card Market

Updating the request option to act more like a buy order. Such that we can have side by side listing of :

Buy For | Sell For

And transactions can be completed automatically provided a buyer and seller agree.


It seems like better tools are needed for extracting essences.

And crafting essences into cards could be worth while.

Achievement | Copies

I'd like to make it clearer every card you have collected is remembered by the system.

Such that if you were to extract every copy, or sell every copy of every card you have .... you'd still have credit for having "unlocked" each card.

Modifications Post Publication

It seems there are legit needs to edit card sets after publishing, I'll exploring making this possible.


I'll also be exploring limits we have in place. I believe currently everyone is capped at 10,000 card copies.

Searching and Filtering and Sorting

I'll also be looking into improving tools so you can find the cards that interest you quickly and easily.

Card Packs

I should make this easier to use.

Gifting Cards

I should also make this easier to do.

I know there are many more ideas worthy of consideration - I'll do my best to tackle as many of these as I can before the month is out, so I can consider more after. ^_^

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