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This is a place for me ( rei ), the head developer of ACDB to write unfiltered about what goes on behind the scenes at ACDB.

Although, all members can write and post their own news.

My posts though, will always be highly technical and mostly incomprehensible to all but the most esoteric of nerds.

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New Character Profile Live May 9, 2018 | Rei
The new character profile design is live now for members.

If you need the old layout in a pinch, just change the url from characters.php?id=36120 to 2017characters.php?id=36120


Our front page has been replaced with the UX Search


I've dropped the google ads on the sides as well as the 3rd project wonderful banner - replacing it with a couple square google ads.

Also did away with the 1000px container - will now use all available screen space.


I have near a dozen requests piled up to consider ...

I'd like to focus my energy polishing up the remaining sections of the new character profiles, improve the edit character tools, make it easier for members to see their contributions and moderation status - then start work doing this all over again for series pages. That'll easily take all of May.
Profile Redesign WIP Apr 25, 2018 | Rei
I've taken on two very big projects. Redesigning our character profiles, and redesigning our series profiles. I'd welcome ideas and request to make this very best on the internet! xD

Current character profile design:


Work in progress for the new design:

[Image] [Image]
Easter Event Over Apr 13, 2018 | Rei
Hope everyone had fun during the Easter event. I've rolled it back to how things were before.

- 33% chance of a chest on each random character.
- 100% chance of a card during the first 15 minutes of each hour.
- Daily cap on opening chests based on your treasure hunting license. Unlimited SS Treasure Hunting Licenses are always available to supporters. If you make a donation via PayPal, or pledge on Patreon, just let me know and I'll issue you an Unlimited SS Treasure Hunting License.

Some of my work now is on optimizing the site. There are so many security checks that are done before a page is even rendered. I've been reviewing which are still needed, which are redundant, and which can be done better.

I'm also looking into developing a number lookup system. O(n) queries can be quite computationally expensive compared to O(1) queries. Sometimes good indexes can help, but in the end nothing scales as good as O(1).

On character profiles alone we have an average of over 150 queries. I'd love to optimize and simplify this.

It also frustrates me how nobody can tell me what a good layout is. Yet everyone can point out a bad layout when they see one.

I don't doubt for one second we could do better with our { character / series / edit character / edit series } layouts. I may take some stabs at changing things.
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