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Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade Image
Series ID 1627
English Title Chrono Crusade
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Romaji Title Kurono Kuruseido
Furigana Title くろのくるせいど
Japanese Title クロノクルセイド
Japanese Studio Name 角川書店
English Studio Name Kadokawa Shoten
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags romance, drama, action adventure
Release Date
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Extra Info

Story & Information -

Chrono Crusade is set in the height of the Roaring Twenties, where jazz is king, bootleg liquor flows freely, and the mob rules the streets. It is a time of prosperity, luxury and decadence, and the division between rich and poor grows even wider in the wake of the First World War. It is at such times of great change and upheaval that the dark things that lurk below the world of man can come to the surface. In the world of Chrono Crusade, a fictional organization known as the Order of Magdalene (or more specifically, the characters of Sister Rosette Christopher and her soul-bound demon partner, Chrono) exists to fight the demonic threats that appear with increasing regularity across America. Both Rosette and Chrono are revealed during the course of the story to be driven by a shadowy past, centered on a search for Rosette's lost brother Joshua who is shown to have been taken from her by the sinner, Aion, a demon who shares a dark and bloody history with Chrono. He seeks nothing less than to overthrow the delicate balance between Heaven, Earth, and Hell (in the manga it is the demons hierarchy he wished to destroy).
The anime follows the manga through the events of Volume IV, but it diverges during a crucial plot event, creating different courses of events and endings. The characterization of some the characters, including Rosette and Aion, and their roles in the story were changed drastically in the adaptation of the manga. Much of the story is driven by the individual pasts of the main characters and the complex relationships between them.


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Chrono Devil Form
Rosette Christopher


Joshua Christopher

Main Character

Azmaria Hendrich
Satella Harvenheit


Kate Valentine
Father Ewan Remington
Edward Hamilton

Sub Characters

Duke Duffau


Mary Magdalena


Florette Harvenheit


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Chrono Crusade


Rated Anime

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Both centre around a person using up their lifeforce whenever they fight and people trying to save them from that fate.


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