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Hell Girl

Hell Girl Image
Series ID 1359
English Title Hell Girl
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Romaji Title Jigoku Shoujo
Furigana Title じごくしょうじょ
Japanese Title 地獄少女
Japanese Studio Name スタジオディーン
English Studio Name Studio Deen
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags mystery, supernatural, horror
Release Date
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Hell Girl extends Hell Girl (Series)


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Ai Enma


The Spider

Main Character

Hone Onna
Ren Ichimoku


Hajime Shibata
Tsugumi Shibata

Sub Characters

Ai's Grandmother
Gilles de L'Enfer


Ayumi Shibata


Chie Tanuma
Namiko Todaka
Ryuuji Todaka
Yuria Todaka
Keiko Yasuda
Haruka Yasuda
Hideo Yasuda
Inori Ujiie
Kyogetsu Ujiie
Yukio Ujiie
Shiori Akasaka
Mayumi Hashimoto
Mamoru Hanagasa
Yoshiyuki Honjou
Aki Abe


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Hell Girl


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5 5 Star Review of Hell Girl by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Hell Girl season 1 is one of the more well known anime series out there so most have seen it and know how good it is. In the tradition of the monkey’s paw, and the cryptkeeper, it is the classic tale of payback at a price. As Ai goes about her duties consigning grievances you’ll find yourself feeling a little bad for the price tag, and in some cases very disappointed at the light torment others go through before their primary punishment in hell.

The plot does seem repetitive: enter name; get doll; pull thread; comeuppance served… but as the story unfolds I still would like to know how the chance meeting between Ai and Tsugumi results in the telepathic link between them allowing Tsugumi to see through Ai’s eyes. Maybe they explain it in the manga, but regardless, it gets the plot flowing allowing Hajime to track her and learn of her past thus leading to his own past. I seem to have trailed off, but in any case the plot picks up and starts to shed light on a much larger picture.
The music: Another plus here! The opening and closing themes aren't bad nor are they great, but the musical cues, grievance theme, and consignment tune are pure poetry.
Voice acting is as to be expected, not bad, but there is quite a bit of creative liberties taking in the EN translation. An altering of primary terminology: Care to give death a try? becomes Perhaps it is time to die; and I consign this grievance to hell becomes This is vengeance, so I’m to ferry you to hell… Hell girl isn’t a comedy and with no joke in the wordplay there is no real loss. That’s why I don’t mark that as a negative.
Character design is rather plain, but realistic. Most characters have black or brown hair with grey or brown eyes, but this to accentuate Hell Girl’s red eyes. I must admit to being rather found of Hone Onna’s traditional design, her hair in particular. Also I find the main characters reminiscent of Ergo Proxy(no correlation)
Character development: Due to the fact that there are only 6 or so reoccurring main characters, there is little room for any others to evolve or develop any back story. Ai’s history is finally explored, and her past is explained, it just takes 24 episodes to get to her origins.
In conclusion Hell Girl is a very good series, it contains 2 eps with foul language(1 has got a whole lot), violence with a touch of light blood, I give it 5.2(out of 10) it will keep your interest yet the plot isn’t too overwhelming or heavy, so it makes great background noise.

Thank you

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