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Demon Lord Dante

Demon Lord Dante Image
Series ID 102530
English Title Demon Lord Dante
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Romaji Title Maou Dante
Furigana Title まおうダンテ
Japanese Title 魔王ダンテ
Japanese Studio Name マジックバス
English Studio Name Magic Bus
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags sci-fi, action, horror
Release Date
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Extra Info

Story & Information -

Ryo Utsugi, a high school student, begins suffering nightmares. Ryo's sister, Saori, is kidnapped and used as a ritualistic sacrifice by a group of satanic cultist, who’s primary goal is revive Demon Lord Dante. Ryo's premonitions guide him to the ceremony and he saves her prior to the cultist's ceremony disrupted by militant Christianic followers of God. Believing that Ryo's new-found powers could ultimately awaken Dante, the most powerful of the demon lord, and beasts, the cultists cause a chain of events that lures Ryo high into the mountains, where he discovers a portal that takes him deep into the Himalayas into Dante's prison.
Dante uses Ryo’s telekinetic powers to free himself before eating him alive, as the cultists summon Dante to Japan. Ryo consciousness conquers Dante’s who rampages Nagoya with his new body, only to end when Dante encounters his old best friend Zenon.
Later Ryo encounters BeliZebub, the leader of the cultists, who tells him that his birth family was killed in a car accident and his father, who is both a doctor and a leader of a rival cult dedicated to God's will, was the one who saved him. He also meets the demon Medusa, who assumes the form of a supermodel named Saeko Kodai. Medusa later rescues Saroi from Lamia’s labyrinth and restore his memory. With His memory restored, Dante resolves to both joining and leading the cultists in there fight against God.



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Main Character

Ryo Utsugi
Demon Lord Dante


Demon Lord Satan
Satan the Wise One
Angelic Weapon Saori
Demon Beast Carne
Saori Utsugi
Tamiko Utsugi
Kosuke Utsugi
Saeko Kodai
Sosuke Oshiba
Medusa the Witch
Demon Beast Astarot
Professor Veil Zebub
Demon Beast Samael
Demon Beast Gujion
Demon Beast Ura
Demon Beast Zenon
Demon SX


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Aug 4, 2014
Pearls 78 Diamonds 15 Sapphires 81 Rubies 44 Mitsugu
The Lord and Master of Tedium!!!!!

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Evil Empire Overlord
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Demon Lord Dante


I must clarify Low to medium... It's been a while, but I remember both blood an violence, but nothing to extreme.

Rated Anime

Similar Series

Devil Lady

So many things are similar here: Character design; main theme(humans turning into monsters); smash cut zoom musical cues; and close ups on the eyes.
Given the fact that both series are the brainchild of Go Nagai, explains the similarities, as well as his expert way of telling so much with a mere close up of the eyes.
Spoiler: I found Devil Lady to be better with it's richer story line, but Dante has better plot twists.


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Anonymous Score:0 WARNING: THIS ANIME IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! I'm just saying.
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Score:1 Nice review, D! Now I know what anime I can put on my blacklist!
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Score:1 Especially it's name, eh? jk.
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Evil Empire Overlord

Score:1 No, Hime-Sama, however the title REALLY spoke to me!
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Score:1 lol D is that an anime about you?
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2 2 Star Review of Demon Lord Dante by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Initially the title alone of Demon Lord Dante really spoke to me, however, upon both viewing and reviewing, the plot is contrite and heavily clichéd. The epic battle between heaven vs. hell, demonic Satanist cults vs. heavenly sects of god, the plot is that of bad American movies, not anime. The show is plagued with color over saturation, poorly aligned dialogue (I hope the Japanese version was better), and for some reason all the characters have sided burns, even the females. There were however, some redeeming qualities, moderate foul language, brief nudity, violence and a good amount of bloodshed. This helped distract from the poor plotline which raced by with lightning speed, thus preventing any sort of character development in the 13 20min. episodes.. In addition, the incestual subtext between Saori and Ryo was quite creepy, since they didn't find out the truth until the end... thought there was a not so predictable twist to the ending. So if you like epic Christianic styled anime, this one’s for you... over all I’d rate it 1.8 (out of 10): Ok to watch once, but not worthy of occasional background noise or repeat viewing.

Thank you

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