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: Random Historic Facts about ACDB

A collection of interestings facts about ACDB

Fact #1

The idea for ACDB came to me in two phases. First, I had to understand myself. I knew whatever I would do with my future would require long term dedication. I'd have to choose something consistent with who I am, and who I've been. I was 20 years old and in University at the time. Looking back on my life until then, I saw two things that had always been a part of me. Computers and anime. I'd been using computers since I was 4 years old, got my first computer when I was 9, started my first server when I was 13, learned Linux when I was 16, and have been a computer nerd ever since. As for anime, it was an anime server I was running from 1997 to 2002. From watching DBZ and Pokemon on TV, to watching fansubs and importing what I could from Japan. Anime had been a love of mine for nearly a decade, and I couldn't see that changing either. So, what I would do with my future, if it involved anime and computers, I figured there would be no way I'd give up. And 5 years later, I still work with computers, I still watch anime, and I still love this web site! Oh the idea for ACDB? So again 5 years ago, while I was a member on various anime forums, I noticed a lot of people asking who's the character in this avatar, who's the character in that signature image, and who's this character in this image. I thought if there was a website that indexed characters by visual traits, it might provide them a means of searching for the answer themselves. So I embarked on indexing my first 1000 characters so that I could offer such a service. Knowing the characters people most wanted answer to were not anime characters, but rather hentai game and visual novel characters, I made that my initial focus.

Fact #2

ACDB went online with 1000 characters in May of 2007. Using little more than poor advice from online tutorials, I somehow managed to piece together enough PHP, MySQL, and web hosting knowledge to get this idea online. Our first server ran OpenBSD, and used OpenBSD's version of Apache webserver. How ACDB looked then is.... the reason I blacklisted the waybackmachine. hahaha

Fact #33

I love mimikko characters. Part of the motivation of making ACDB was to build the largest, most complete collection of mimikko characters. As of 2012, we have nearly 2000 mimikko's !

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