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What the URLL BBCode is and how to use it.

This is something I've been meaning to create to help everyone understand how to use the urll bbcode tag. I've previously attempted to explain it in the Lounge Guide, but it was very rough and was not easy to make a tutorial.

Before we begin

A few things that is necessary to understand. As most users are aware, there is "normal" ACDB which starts off as "www." and there is also "adult" ACDB which starts off as "18." These are called domains, and provide a slightly different way to access the ACDB server. To keep things simple, each domain is a way to "view" ACDB pages. When you view a page on ACDB regardless of which domain you're going through, you're looking at the same page as someone that would be the other domain, and in short, there is ONE copy of all pages on the ACDB server and not one copy for each domain.

There is no way to tell which users use 18. or www. and thus the urll bbcode tag was born.

What is it?

URLL allows a user to link a page in ACDB without making the domain switch. I have used Kazumi Himekawa as the page for the following examples.

Here you can see two links I've created; the standard url bbcode on top, and the urll bbcode on bottom. I use 18. which you can see in the URL bar for both parts of the picture, and you can see where the link goes in the little popup at the bottom left for each part of the picture (I've circled the important stuff to look at for you). Let's click on the top one to find out what happens.

Result. As you can see it lead me to the www. "view" of ACDB, which I am not logged into. This is what happens when someone that uses 18. clicks on a www. link (or vice-versa).

This is a view of the same links in www. (I used a different browser for less confusion)

This is to show you the raw text of those two posts.

Why should I care?

Certain pages require a person to login to view or use (for example, this page, and without the urll bbcode, the user attempting to view the page would either have to login or tweak the URL (both of which are annoying to some people).

It also allows someone to directly go to a page to fix a character's trait (and/or whatever else) efficiently.

How do I use it?

I created this image to make it clear.

Simply put, you copy everything to the right of the ".com/" and put that after the "=" in the urll bbcode like you would in url.

Remember that this only works for ACDB pages!

What if I have more questions?

Ask Rei or Nori13

Written by Nori13

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