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Guide: Sites and tips to find info

The purpose of this book is to share our sources and tips to help everyone find info about characters, animes, games, etc.

  • Sites

Note: If you are editing this book to add links, don't add links to sites that offer downloads to animes, mangas, etc. without the proper permission/licence from the right owners.

  • Animes, games, etc. Databases

  • Anime Characters Database (ACDB)
  • Anime-Planet
  • AniDB
  • Anime News Network (ANN)
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
  • Visual Novel Database (VNDB)
  • AnimeVice
  • Wikia
  • Anime Info
  • My Anime List (MAL)
  • Anime Mikomi
  • Anime Girl Rankings
  • Anime Rate (es)
  • DoujinshiDb (NSFW +18)
  • Seiyuu Database
  • Wikipedia
  • Getchu (jp) (NSFW +18)
  • D-Dream (jp) (NSFW +18)
  • Gyutto (jp) (NSFW +18)
  • Dl Getchu (jp) (NSFW +18)
  • Erogame Scape (jp) (NSFW +18)
  • Jbox (you've got a friend in japan) (NSFW +18)
  • JList (you've got a friend in japan) (NSFW +18)
  • Jast USA (NSFW +18)
  • G-collections (NSFW +18)
  • Right Stuff (NSFW +18)
  • Peach Princess (NSFW +18)
  • Anime Nation (NSFW +18)
  • VGMDb
  • Absolute Anime
  • AniSearch (de)

    • Animes, games, etc. Boards

  • Sankaku Channel (NSFW +18)
  • Danbooru (NSFW +18)
  • Zerochan (NSFW +18)
  • E-shuushuu
  • Konachan (NSFW +18)
  • Oreno imouto (NSFW +18)
  • Gelbooru (NSFW +18)
  • Anime Gallery (NSFW +18)
  • Minitokyo Gallery (NSFW +18)
  • Creative Uncut
  • Safebooru (Questionable Content)

    • Generic searches

  • Google Search

    • Content based or reverse image searches

  • Google Images
  • TinEye
  • SauceNAO
  • Ascii2D (jp)
  • Cydral
  • Cydral (fr)
  • Yandex (rus)
  • Baidu (chn)
  • IQDB (NSFW +18)

    • Useful Sites

  • Colorblinds

    • Tips about how to use this sites

    • Original sites

    Original sites usually give the most information about the subject they offer. Unfortunately in our case the site will surely be in Japanese, although some of them may have an official English page. If you don't understand Japanese use a online translation tool like Google Translate or similar.

    • Animes, games, etc. Databases

    Databases offer info about an specific theme. Many of them are user contributed and usually well informed, to a certain extent. Many of this sites, also have links to other databases, so it's easy to go from one to another. The info and features this sites may offer is:

    Anime Characters Database (ACDB). We all know about this site, but this list wouldn't be complete without it.
    Anime-planet. Offers info about animes, mangas, characters and voice actors for characters.
    AniDB. Offers info about animes, characters, chapters, and lots of other useful info.
    Anime News Network (ANN). It's a site that gives news about releases of animes. The encyclopaedia section offers info on the animes, including alternative titles, chapter length, number of chapters, staff, cast, etc. but not abut characters (only the name for the acting voice).
    The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). IMDB it's a site that offers info about movies which include animes. Recently, it implemented a feature to include characters, but don't expect to obtain much from it.
    Visual Novel Database (VNDB). Gives info about visual novels, like company, releases, characters, etc.
    AnimeVice. Offers info on animes, mangas, characters, etc. Has an interesting feature for characters: powers (for battle between them).
    Wikia. Wikia is a site with info on anything about entertainment, like video games, animes, music, travelling, etc. Like the wikipedia it's user contributed. Has the best info on video games, but being user contributed it depends on the users editing the wikia. There are different language wikias.
    Anime Info. Has info on anime, manga, characters, staff and voice actors.
    My Anime List. The main feature of this site allows to make a list of the animes/mangas. Has a database on mangas, animes, characters and voice actors.
    Anime Mikomi. Focuses on reviews, has many info on anime, but few about characters (mainly for voice acting). The format of the site is a bit unappealing, but has a lot of info.
    Anime Girl Rankings. As the name implies this site only has female characters. Also, you can vote your favorites (or not favorites) female characters.
    Anime rate. This site is in Spanish. Has some info about animes, but nothing about characters. Has links to other sources, like ANN, AniDb or Anime Info.
    DoujinshiDb. DoujinshiDB is a database about doujinshis. Obviously, its NSFW +18. It can be useful to find characters as it classifies the doujinshis by character, original title, author, etc. Has a content based image search.
    Seiyuu database. It's a database on Japanese voice actors, usually for animes.
    Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a encyclopaedia-like site. Has lots of info on many things, including animes, manga, video games and characters.
    Getchu, D-dream, Gyutto, dl.getchu, erogamescape. These are Japanese sites where you can buy or order products form Japan, mainly eroges. They usually offer some info on their products. That means characters and CGs from eroges.
    JBox, Jlist, JastUSA, G-Collections, Right Stuff, Peach Princess, AnimeNation. These are similar sites to the previous ones but in English. They import products from Japan, and in a similar mode get info about the products they work on.
    VGMDB. This site is a database about songs of video games, animes, drama cds, etc.
    Absolute Anime. Has info on animes and characters, etc.
    AniSearch. A German site with lots of info on characters, animes, mangas, voice acting, etc. Has a wallpaper gallery.

    • Anime boards

    Boards are sites where you can search for images of animes, mangas, original drawings, etc. They use a tagging system to help finding them. They usually try to offer good quality images.

    Danbooru-like boards. This includes Sankaku Channel, Danbooru, Konachan, Oreno Imouto, Gelbooru and their subsites (Safebooru for example). I have grouped these sites because they use a similar tagging system, in fact they use the same database scheme. There are this 4 tag types: general, character, copyright (or source) and artist. They have a different color for every type of tag, so it's easy to differentiate them. They usually have little or no information on characters or sources.
    E-shuushuu, Zerochan, Minitokyo Gallery. They use a tagging system similar to the previous sites, but instead of using colors they state what type is to the side of the tag, and are organized a little better: artists, sources, characters and general. Zerochan has some information on sources, characters an artists.
    Anime gallery. This site has a tagging system, but has no apparent classification on them. You can browse images by series, though. You can download a program called "anime cyclone" that once activated will download wallpapers automatically from the site and set it as your desktop wallpaper.
    Creative Uncut. This sites offers official artwork of video games.

    • Generic Searches

    Generic Searches help you finds anything you want on internet (if you know how to do it). I'll give some tips on how to use Google, the one I know. Some of them may be used on the search sites, some are specific to Google.

  • When searching for a character it's better specify the source and character between commas ("), so it gives you less results.
  • When using a romaji Japanese name you may need to reverse the order of the name and last name.
  • If you search a Japanese name, Google will "translate" to kana and kanji, so you don't have to worry which version you should use it.
  • If the result you are looking is in a language you don't understand use "translate this page", so you can read it.
  • In a similar note, sometimes sites may get down or offline. Using web cache you can see how it was before the page went down or changed.

    • Content based or reverse image searches

    Content based or reverse image search is a different type of search, where you upload an image and it gives similar images or the same image with different sizes or formats. Some tips on how to use them:

  • Usually they have two ways of uploading images: uploading a file from your pc or uploading from a url. It's better to use url upload, so you don't need to download and upload them, and it will be faster.
  • There are some extensions/plugins/complements for navigators that will add an option on the context menu of images to search on this sites. I know of the following:

    • Image Search Options for Firefox
      Image Search Options for Chrome
      Ascii2D Search for Chrome
      Search by Image for Chrome
      Leitu Image for Chrome
      IQDB Context for Chrome

    Some of them are configurable, and the others are site specific. In my opinion the most useful one Image Search Options for Firefox, as you can add more searches and is very configurable.

    Now I'll explain some extra features of some of them:

    Google Image. This feature is very recent on Google Images (August 2011). The major difference between other image searches is the amount of images it can search. It also can search for a piece of an image automatically.
    SauceNAO. SauceNAO searches on some databases, but the main database is Pixiv, a Japanese online community for artists. There is a feature where you can edit your image to search for a piece of that image. Using this you can use the new created image to search with other images searchs without having to upload an image every time.
    Ascii2D, Yandex, Baidu are sites from Japan, Russia and China that focus mainly in their country sites.
    IQDB. IQDB search on many anime boards like the listed before.
    Tinyeye. Tineye has a feature that allows to search all the images in a webpage. You only need to provide the url of the page.

    • Useful sites

    Here we will add sites than can be useful when uploading characters, adding series, etc. They don't offer info, but can help with some things.

    ColorblindsThis site is a tool for people with color deficiency. You can upload an image and it will tell the name of the color under cursor of the mouse. This can be useful if you have doubts about a color.

    • Credits

    Here I'll be adding whoever contributed to the book:

  • Rei-sama for creating and maintaining the Book tool.
  • Igraine for creating the guide.
  • CaptainBrain for remembering me to add a note about dl sites.
  • Anonymous17 for getchu, D-Dream, Gyutto, dl.getchu, erogamescape and AniSearch links.
  • EatsSweets for Creative Uncut link.
  • Shini for VGMDB link.
  • LiCobra For proofreading it.
  • Yeray For the link of Absolute Anime.

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