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Admins: Becoming an Admin

Getting an Admin Rank

All members who contribute positively to Anime Characters Database are eligible to become admins.

By contributing to the site, moderators get to evaluate the quality of your contributions, and may be inclined to make you an admin.

Moving up the admin ranks is generally a gradual process. Keep making positive contributions to the site, and open a dialog with some of the current staff.

Admin Levels

No imageNo Level 0 No Admin Rank

[Image] Level 1 Admin in Name Only. No power, just an Admin badge. If you get this, it means you are on the right track!

[Image] Level 2 Invited to Admin discussions. You can read the admin chat in the chatbox, and get a feel for what the current staff is like. Some changes to the site will no longer require moderation.

[Image] Level 3 Full moderator. Most changes you make to the site are automatically approved. You can approve or reject changes by other members.

[Image] Level 4 Full moderator. But with a little more status.

[Image] Level 5 Full admin. You can use more advanced editing tools on the site, and make bigger changes.

[Image] Level 6 Previous owner rank. You'll have access to some tools no one else will ever see.

[Image] Level 7-9 Mostly status ranks.

[Image] Level 10 Current owner rank. Can only be given out by using a root MySQL console. Only the most trusted of people can hold this rank.

Giving Admin Ranks

Admin ranks are given out using the User Profile. If you have an admin rank of 2 or greater, you can give up to 1 less than your current admin rank to any member ranked lower that you.

For example, an Admin of Level 3 can give an Admin of Level 1 a new Admin Rank of 2.

Also someone of Admin Level 2 cannot change the Admin Level of another people of Admin Level 2.

In short... you can promote anyone with a lessor admin rank of yours to one below your rank.
You cannot alter the rank of anyone holding your rank.
Only someone ranked higher than you can modify your rank.

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