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Are you okay, Ashiya?
I'm so sorry, my lord. I can't even go shopping like this.
Just chill out and get some rest.
I'll make something for dinner.
My lord, I am touched by your kindness toward one so undeserving.
We've still got rice... Guess I'll just make egg rice porridge.
Is it Emi again?
Damn you! Did you buy another—
If I did, I'd get it delivered
when you weren't home.
Thank you!
"I found lots of interesting things in Hawaii."
"Could you put these up for sale in the next neighborhood bazaar?"
Count me out. Sounds like effort.
Hey, decide if you're gonna
complain or cough!
Who're you?
You're from the Church, aren't you?
The "Reaper," Death Scythe Bell,
if I'm not mistaken.
Tom hasn't opened his store
for a while now. Is he sick?
Oh, I know what happened to him. He crossed the Holy Church.
He was favoring the Allied Knight Order
when it came to food and other provisions.
So you're saying the Inquisition's got him?
Don't shout! Are you nuts?!
What if they caught word of this?
We've received word that Lucifer's army is closing in on the village of Poleridge.
I believe a company of Church knights was stationed there.
Should we send them some men and get them in our debt?
The enemy's so strong that
reinforcements won't change a thing.
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