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Guild Crest Keyblade Wielders
Guild Crest Role-Play Guild
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Guild Crest The Throne of Heroes
Guild Crest Zagen's crazy life
Guild Crest Flat is JUSTICE!
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About Me

Hey, what's up? I'm Justin (But my close friends and associates call me Jaser or JD) I am 16 (Well, I'm turning 16 in April), wear black, and tend to be slightly antisocial. I usually only hang out with people I know (Which makes it hard to get to know people), but I occasionally venture out to make new friends. Occasionally.
They call me the Phantom, but I consider myself more of an antihero. An antihero built on protecting everything. It's a paradox, isn't it?
How much power would it take to alter the course of one's fate? I wouldn't know. I'm just an average emo Romantic. See the other paradox.
Dang, I'm good. (Wow)
But so is almost everyone else.
If you asked me what I would do if I was walking down the school hall and saw a cute girl getting bullied out of her lunch money, here it is: I'd pass right by. Better not to fight, right? Then later on, I would pay a visit to the bullies and quietly sabotage their day. They wouldn't even know who did it. Then I would slip about $50 into the girl's locker and be done with it.
I call that my Sasuakage nature. (For all you non-Sasuke-fans, Sasuakage means supporting shadow.)
My favorite color is- Yeah, you guessed correctly- BLACK. (Even though I'm probably the palest person I know.)
The thing is, contrary to popular belief, I'm not completely emo. Although I am emo. But only people who really know me can tell the difference.
They may call me weird, but the truth is, I don't give a dang what people think of me. If anyone wants to talk, I'm on on weekdays from 9AM to 3PM.
I'm also not the arrogant fool that people take me for. I just naturally have an aversion to the human race.
But I do have a weakness for girls. If I decide to talk to someone, I'll talk to them. Especially if they have black hair and are my type.
Well, that's all now.

Other Info

Nickname TheDarkestShadeOfNight
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Guild Rank Second Year Cadet (3)
User ID 44588
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Joined Jan 19, 2018
Location In the Shadows
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Gender Male
Age High School
Status / Mood Single, Lonely, and forever a shadow.
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Infinite in mystery, is the gift of the goddess, we seek it thus, and take to the sky. Ripples form on the water's surface, the wandering soul knows no rest...
-Genesis Rhapsodos, Loveless

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