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HELLO!!!! I love all animals, I like different kinds of food, my favorite color is all of them, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose blue. I LOVE ANY TYPE OF ANIME!!!!! I have alot of favorite movies, one of them is... OCEANS THIRTEEN!!! I luv that movie! I have two cousins that joined: Aoi-Hoshi & Misty_Cloud. Aoi is really sweet & softspoken. Cloud is blunt & caring (in a rough way), but I love them both! Forgot something, I love to be active, I love to play any type of sports, the sports that is active right now is soccer, basketball, tennis & waterpolo! I'm also a bookworm (sheepish) I love to read, any book for me will do, for ex. I'll read baking books or technical books, I always learn something from reading, doing, seeing ect. I love to cook too, one time I almost set the stove on fire hehe I was trying to make tortillas, but nothing dangerous happened! I now cook great food thanks to learning the basics! And because my parents taught me, I love them both and I thank them for that. Guess I haven't explained my personality. Ok well, I'm stubborn, cheerful, childish, kind and caring (is that the same thing?) curious to learn new things, very active (sometimes hyperactive), and another one that I forgot :( I'm almost an expert on cat breeds, if you're planning on getting a cat, but don't know what type would be good for you then either ask me or search it up if you don't want to ask (if you're planning on having your cat have kitts, its such a cool experience!) Thanks for coming everyone! still updating! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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"I'm just being me."

Never Seen Such Good Things

"Never Seen Such good things go so wrong and everywhere we turn they're playing our song Should have known someone so much like me would give me hell and send me to my knees... Love yer a strange fella Sure leave yer mark indelibly Love yer a strange fella Won't you leave yer mark on me If we ever make sweet love again I'm sure that it will be quite disgusting...Race to the end(x2) The memory of a ceremony so empty Bitter boring and hollow Love yer a strange fella Sure leave yer mark indelibly May as well be forever Love won't you come and punish me.... Sad lady you win Sad lady you win Sad lady you win Sad lady you win Sad lady you win Sad lady you win......."

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