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ok now what to write ???let's start off with foolish things... my hobby is to dance, sing, draw, watch anime, read mangas and write mangas(yes i can do it..).our dance teacher is very strict and barks... my favourite channel is ANIMAX. i have read many mangas, almost more than half of mangas which has an anime adaptation . and i saw ALMOST all the shows in one word i am an otaku like my user name.there are129 anime male characters whom i love(currently)and i obviously cannot write them all but i can give top 1 to top 5 from each anime/manga:
bleach - ishida uryu, byakuya kuchiki,ukitake taichou,ulquiorra, aizen
sket dance - switch,michiru shinba, agata,
naruto - sasuke uchiha, itaci uchiha
fma - roy mustang
07 ghost - frau,castor, hakuren, ayanami, mikage
nura - rikuo nura(yokai form),kubinashi,kurotabo
beelzebub - oga,himekawa,izuma, alex shinjo,natsume
maid sama - takumi, kanou soutarou
ToTA - luke, guy, jade,asch
K - mikoto, munakata ,kusanagi, totsuka tatara,fushimi
vampire knight - kaname kuran, aidou, ichijou
ohshc - tamaki, kyoya,kaoru
letter bee - gauche,largo lloyd,zazie,jiggy pepper, dr.thunderland
death note - l,near, light, matt
fairy tail - (they are more than ten... and i cannot miss out any...)gray, alzack(before 7 years),freed,jellal,max(after 7 years),lyon,zeref,rustyrose,sting,rogue,rufus,midnight,hibiki,ren,loki
that is not 74 ..yes there are more

and some things i believe in...
forcin a student to study is exploiting him/her
because exploitation is focing a person to do a work against his will and/or without payment
we don't get any payment for studying and instead we pay the person exploiting us. and definitely we study against our will.

many people say"high school days are the best days of your life" not true for high school students though...especially when test results are horible...

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