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One of my fan-made stories...


I have slumbered for many years. Unchanging, immortal within a cyro-chamber for many years...

Then the time came. Lotus called out to us, to decimate the Grineer once again. We are Tenno, we are those born and molded by war. To lesser beings, we would be seen as war gods. They don't know the truth. We are not immortal, much less a "god". I know this fact too well.

I once had a squad of four, brothers and sisters both. We had gone through many many battles together. We had made a unbreakable bond, that does not break, even now. But war takes it toll, eventually. I lost a brother and both sisters, to the Grineer. I took on peices of their armor and crafted it into my own. I have a special name for this armor.

My armor contains the weight and burden of four Tenno fighting for survival, and to decimate the Grineer. I became silent, solitary. Then Lotus called us to battle once again. I met my future partner there, his name was Volt. He was... energetic, persistent and eccentric for a Tenno. He continued to stick with me, no matter what, even saving my life a few times. Then I confronted him, he simply avoided the question with, "You're the armor, you take hits. I don't have armor, I have lightining, I kill things." and then he walked away.

Then one day came where he fell, and I was damned if I was going to let him die. I had grown an attachment to the guy, so I walked out into enemy fire, taking hit after hit, shrugging off the pain as my sheilds died. Then I roared, and charged the Grineer. When I looked again, there was a gaint, crimson painted dent in the worn bronze-like wall. There was gore everywhere. I shrugged and continued on.

I am a Tenno. I have been born and molded by war.
I... am Rhino.

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I’m not a nerd, I’m a specialist.

- Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic!)

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