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About Me

Hello, I'm Gray.
I live in Singapore, a very... peculiar country.
Judging by my username, you may think I'm like, a super-duper headstrong and arrogant person, and trust me, I am, but for the time being, because I'm new here, I'd rather stay back and observe how you work things here.
I love sleeping, but I don't do it much, as my usual waking times are at 3 am, and my usual sleeping times are at 10 pm...
That's 2 pm and 9 am for you people who live in the EST zone!
I like a lot of things, like...
I'm also known as Belarus 2 by Kira.
• Anime:
- Hetalia
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Death Note
(I'm not a major otaku, but I'm pretty crazy when it comes to these three anime!)
• Video Games:
Let's see... Legend of Zelda, I've played Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Ocarina of Time. I play the Walking Dead too, though In haven't finished it yet... I also like RPG games, like The Witch's House, Mad Father, and Ib. I finished playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Amnesia: Justine, and I'm so buying the next Amnesia!
• Role-Play:
I honestly prefer descriptive Hetalia role-play over anything else, but I don't mind OHSHC descriptive role-playing either. You also may have noticed that I like descriptive role-playing and not script. Why? I really don't know...
• Reading, Writing, and Drawing:
These are the main things I do when I have no access to the Internet... Well, don't I have an interesting life (remark the sarcasm in my words while I type this)...
• Music:
When I hear the word music, I immediately hear the sound of violins bursting into song (Spring, by Vivaldi to be exact), and filling my ears with joy~!
God I feel so mushy and stuff...
Anyway, I listen to Evanescence, Coldplay and "classical", lyric-less music, and when I say that, I mean both the classical period and kind of music.

I'll finish this when I'll feel like it...

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