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Bodacious Space Pirates

Bodacious Space Pirates Image
Series ID 101752
English Title Bodacious Space Pirates
Aliases Miniskirt Space Pirates, Miniskirt Pirates
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Romaji Title Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku
Furigana Title モーレツうちゅうかいぞく(モーレツパイレーツ)
Japanese Title モーレツ宇宙海賊(モーレツパイレーツ)
Japanese Studio Name サテライト
English Studio Name Satelight
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags space, sci-fi, adventure
Release Date
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Marika Katou

Main Character

Chiaki Kurihara
Gruier Serenity


Ririka Katou
Kane McDougall
Flora Chapie


Mami Endou
Grunhilde Serenity
Misa Grandwood
Jenny Doolittle
Lynn Lambretta
Yayoi Yoshitomi
Sasha Staple
Belinda Percy
Talvikki Launo
April Lambert
Kenjou Kurihara
Syoko Kobayashimaru
Izumi Yunomoto
Ursula Abramov
Asta Alhanko
Lilly Bell
Quartz Christie
Natalia Grennorth
Maki Harada


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Jun 27, 2014
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Bodacious Space Pirates


Very mild, and in the form of cheesy raybeams exchanges between space ships.

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4 4 Star Review of Bodacious Space Pirates by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Bodacious (Miniskirt) Space Pirates, what a deceiving title. There were very few miniskirts and no real piracy! I call fraud. Now, don’t get in a huff, it wasn’t all terrible, just misleading. I was expecting there to be a space pirate ship gallivanting around the stars r***ng and pillaging unsuspecting travelers and merchants, crewed by a rowdy bunch of scantily clad, flaky, cosplaying, pirate wenches… not a theatrical troupe. In their defense, I did get my wish when the crew of the Bentenmaru fell ill.
The plot: Marika, the only child of the recently deceased Gonzaemon, is the only one who can legally become the next captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru. This is due to a long winded legal stipulation to maintain their official ‘letters of marque’ allowing them to continue operations. Bear in mind that she’s a 2nd yr high school student, an enthusiastic member of the space yacht club, and a part-time waitress at a maid café.
Character design isn’t bad at all, though I must wonder: why the lack of creativity? This is in the distant future in a galaxy far beyond the moon, and everyone is a bipedal, endoskeletal, hominid… aka human? Where are the space centaurs, intelligent plasmatic beings, and the crab people that hug you with their deadly pinchers of hell? There is the cyborg fellow, but that’s it. All others are humans... how boring.
The spaceships are a different story all together. The blending of 2-D cell animation to the 3-D space sequences is nearly seamless. I was impressed. Unfortunately though, the space battle sequences are quite pathetic. They are nothing but cyber attacks, or unimaginative beams of light. Where are my bilitrium explosives, and chromextin gas bombs?
Character development: There really isn’t all that much, just the new captain, the princess, and the present of the high school yacht club. No-one else really has much back story, and without back story, there’s not much development.
In conclusion: Bodacious Space Pirates isn’t all that bodacious. Allow me to release my inner astrophysist, the design of the Space Yacht, with its longitudinal orientation and solar sail propulsion is brilliant, and the no/very low gravity space environments is depicted rather well, but who is going to bring a high power, man portable, directed energy cannon on a ship to ship raiding party in deep space? One shot, no matter where, will rip a massive hole in the hull decompressing both ships!
So without further adieu, Bodacious Space Pirates earns a 4.2(out of 10) With no foul language or nudity and only mild violence it's fun for all, and recommended for all Sci~Fi geeks to watch at least once... or twice.

Thank you

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