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Guild VS Guild - NTR Wars

Touhou Project +42 The Throne of Heroes +9 Black  Butler +6 Save or Destroy the World +4 The Hakurei Axis +3 ≻Video_Games_ +2 Husbando Appreciation +1 Rainbow Lovers +1 Flat is JUSTICE! +1 No Game No Life 0 The Neko Club -1 Minor Character Appreciation Guild -4 Mobile Suit Guild -4 Waifu Warriors -9 Anime Sport Guild -10 Treasure Hunter's Guild -11 Oppai Appreciation Guild -22

Most Fought After

Name Waifu of
Tatsuko Itagaki SupremeInferno
3 suitors
Ortlinde Tassen
3 suitors
Yuka Nakamura Tassen
3 suitors
Shinoa Hiiragi ShinyShinigami
3 suitors
Olga abc123abc123
3 suitors
Shion Sonozaki ShinyShinigami
3 suitors
Android 18 Kefla
3 suitors
Rei Ayanami tiamatnightmare
3 suitors
Kilia Jech MCZ
3 suitors
Mirajane Strauss Kelumir
3 suitors
Minori Kushieda Froylan
3 suitors
Chiaki Nanami Cronoku
3 suitors
Celestine Lucullus Osukaru-sama
3 suitors
Estraea Munnue Piequartz GhostAdventures
3 suitors
Sasha Blouse RetroViking4
3 suitors
Ayame Makishima rpgguy999
3 suitors
Nico Yazawa YuriYuri
3 suitors
Morgiana Arkoth
3 suitors
Touka Takamiya abc123abc123
3 suitors
Seiko Kimura rpgguy999
3 suitors
Purple_Heart Renagade100
3 suitors
Oboro MCZ
3 suitors
Momoka Nanajou abc123abc123
3 suitors
Nonon Jakuzure YuriYuri
3 suitors
Mefisu Yura Shatana Darkfighter67
3 suitors
Isis Petorovuna Erensukaya DaZEROrk
3 suitors
Elesa Froylan
3 suitors
Elma SupremeInferno
3 suitors
Liliana rpgguy999
3 suitors
3 suitors
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