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Most Fought After

Name Onii-Chan of
Yoruichi Shihouin (cat form) RangMat
NTR'd 117 times
KAITO artswaifu
NTR'd 26 times
Grell Sutcliff Janzora
NTR'd 26 times
Jushirou Ukitake tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 17 times
Minato Namikaze tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 15 times
Undertaker Nightshade_heart11
NTR'd 14 times
Accelerator SupremeInferno
NTR'd 12 times
Nagisa Shiota Cupcake307
NTR'd 11 times
Chihiro Fujisaki rpgguy999
NTR'd 9 times
Sasori tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 8 times
Kisuke Urahara tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 8 times
Toushirou Hitsugaya tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 8 times
Hikaru Hitachiin Clare
NTR'd 8 times
Yukio Okumura JMillz
NTR'd 8 times
Byakuya Kuchiki tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 7 times
Shigure Sohma KyaaAiaia
NTR'd 7 times
Gladiolus Amicitia Ai
NTR'd 7 times
Nagisa Hazuki Kii-chan
NTR'd 6 times
Killua Zoldyck Archangel89
NTR'd 6 times
Kaoru Hitachiin Clare
NTR'd 6 times
Kyoya Ootori Clare
NTR'd 5 times
L Lawliet Renagade100
NTR'd 5 times
Lelouch Lamperouge SoulTenshi
NTR'd 5 times
Kakashi Hatake tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 5 times
Death the Kid Rose-Tinted-Glasses
NTR'd 4 times
Mello CrimySins
NTR'd 4 times
Gakupo Kamui Janzora
NTR'd 4 times
Gaara tiamatnightmare
NTR'd 4 times
Takashi Morinozuka Clare
NTR'd 4 times
Karma Akabane MarasakiJin13
NTR'd 4 times
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