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Most Fought After

Name Onii-Chan of
Lelouch Lamperouge SoulTenshi
2 suitors
Ryuga SGCeres
2 suitors
KAITO artswaifu
2 suitors
Yu Tendo RetroViking4
2 suitors
Kyoya Ootori Clare
2 suitors
Killua Zoldyck Archangel89
2 suitors
Axel Janzora
2 suitors
Ryo Bakura Archangel89
1 suitor
Hagoromo Otsutsuki tiamatnightmare
1 suitor
Ikki Minami SupremeInferno
1 suitor
Amanojaku Maui_Lion
1 suitor
Kish Archangel89
1 suitor
Terry Bogard SupremeInferno
1 suitor
Linda Clare
1 suitor
Zofis v_i_x
1 suitor
Tannin SupremeInferno
1 suitor
Rin Okumura Archangel89
1 suitor
Kashou Minaduki Clare
1 suitor
Yu Narukami Ran_Mouri
1 suitor
Erwin Smith tiamatnightmare
1 suitor
Ryuk Clare
1 suitor
Jafar LurakaMain
1 suitor
Kariya Matou Miki
1 suitor
Jiraiya tiamatnightmare
1 suitor
Silvers Rayleigh tiamatnightmare
1 suitor
Toneri Ootsutsuki tiamatnightmare
1 suitor
Kirito Archangel89
1 suitor
Ciel Phantomhive Slayer3
1 suitor
The Anguished One Put_Name_Here
1 suitor
Dark Bakura Archangel89
1 suitor
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