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Guilds in Subspace Realm

  • Kirby Factory
  • Death The Kid anyone?
  • Tsundere lovers
  • No Game No Life
  • Vocaloid Fans
  • Anime and manga club
  • All the boys
  • Servamp
  • カナダファン
  • 【逆説】
  • Cirno Scans
  • Blah Guild
  • Mobile Suit Guild

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flag Kirby Factory 1 Subspace Realm Realm
A place for fans of Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby of the Stars), the Kirby video game series, the Rune Factory video game series, and Nintendo games in general. Our main goal is the improvement of the website while managing to have fun as well.
flag Death The Kid anyone? 2 Subspace Realm Realm
No Description
flag Tsundere lovers 23 Subspace Realm Realm
A guild for all those who enjoy tsundere characters the most!
flag No Game No Life 53 Subspace Realm Realm
No Game No Life!
Shiro and Sora are frigging awesome and this show totally deserves its own Guild.
KYAAAAA *fanboymode on*
flag Vocaloid Fans 2 Subspace Realm Realm
Whether you love the most popular vocaloid or only listen to the more obscure ones, this is a guild where we appreciate any voice singing voice synthesizer.
flag Anime and manga club 4 Subspace Realm Realm
Welcome to anime and manga club! This is where you can chat about anime and manga that you watched and read. Have fun in here chatting and NO DRAMA PLEASE!!! Now have fun =^~^=
flag All the boys 2 Subspace Realm Realm
more than just anime boys
all boys are real boys
flag Servamp 5 Subspace Realm Realm
Servamp finally made it into the database so now the fans must gather together and rejoice! Everyone that even knows the word Servamp must join so we can show how much we love them all!!
flag Its a Trap! 18 Subspace Realm Realm
For all fans of Traps and Crossdressers!
flag CULT OF MEGUMIN 3 Subspace Realm Realm
flag Fairy Tail 23 Subspace Realm Realm
No Description
flag anime rules!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Subspace Realm Realm
anime rules no duh
flag Bronies Welcome 1 Subspace Realm Realm
I dunno if anyone else will actually join, but I made it just in case.
flag negima 2 Subspace Realm Realm
once there was mage named negima and he was amazing at sneezing and blowing womens cloths off with sneezing...
flag カナダファン 2 Subspace Realm Realm
Any otaku living in Canada, come over and chat about anything! Meetup, events, Idolm@ster, Pripara, Aikatsu, etc.
flag 【逆説】 6 Subspace Realm Realm
i.... became a sheep......
flag imaginarium 2 Subspace Realm Realm
this for imaginative otaku's like us!
flag Hearth Of Hestia 2 Subspace Realm Realm
flag Cirno Scans 12 Subspace Realm Realm
Cirno scans the posters from anime magazines. For your enjoyment!
flag GAMING GUILD 6 Subspace Realm Realm
There are so many guilds for games; here is a guild to index all the games guilds we have
flag Blah Guild 3 Subspace Realm Realm
This guild is to help come up with new blah types. (examples:hetero eye blah, universe blah, doctor blah, ect) You can give ideas for blah accessories or create things to make blahs into. (Example:stuffed animal blahs, trading cards, clay blahs, ect) Your help is well appreciated.
flag Zaiden 2 Subspace Realm Realm
This guild is for any anime or manga lover. No Lover-of-Anime gets left behind!
flag SAS!! XD 3 Subspace Realm Realm
The guild for anime fans to RP,Cosplay
flag Card Maker Guild 13 Subspace Realm Realm
A guild that will function as a workshop for making cards. You can use forums and gallery to start coop projects with other members or post sets for evaluation.
flag Mobile Suit Guild 8 Subspace Realm Realm
For all fans of Gundam, including myself. Enjoy!

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