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Forum :: NC17+ Yaoi RP Thread (LOCKED)

Rainbow Master LiCobra Aug 15, 2015 (Edit)
"It's not hard, just... different." he finished, trying to think of how to word it. "If you translate it word for word it ends up being garbled sentences... but it makes sense to us."

He laughed at how bad he was at teaching. He hoped that Ren would pick things up quickly, otherwise they would both have problems. He didn't think it would be terrible if he never learnt, only one of his other boyfriends had spoken Taurean, and that was because he was a minotaur as well.

"Uuugh... where to start?" he muttered to himself, using his hands to massage Ren's sore shoulders. "Oh, greetings. Duurr. Moona is like saying 'hello' to people. It's a gender-neutral greeting, so it's good for when you meet new people. 'Munala' is how you greet family - only family though, not random people or it gets weird."


Tivu sat back in his lap with a soft huff of indignation. He raised a brow at him in question, wondering if he was joking with him and then quickly realised that he wasn't. Had this man really not thought about sex at all? Not even one small fantasy?

He ran his hand through his hair, changing it to a jet black as the hand moved over it with just the tips staying his tell-tale crimson red. He spread the illusion further to cover up the tattoos and freckles on his skin so that he looked flawless, his now black hair contrasting with his already pale skin.

"Fine." He said with a shrug then pointed over to the large glass doors that led out to the balcony with a view of the public beach. He gave a foxish grin, the mischevious sparkle back in his eyes. "I want you to do me against the glass doors, where everyone can see."
Granola the Ultimate OMGasm Aug 18, 2015 (Edit)
Ravn's face immediately turned a deep red when he heard Tivu's rather provocative request. He turned into a blabbering mess, as he managed to almost completely misplaced his ability to hold a coherent thought. After a little while, he managed to gain back some of his composure. "Uhh, I don't quite think I'm all that ready to do anything like that right now". He took q quick look around the room for some inspiration before he added "Although... Do you think some shower sex might possibly be a little fun?" with a slightly playful look, despite still being quite red.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Aug 20, 2015 (Edit)

If there was one thing he was good at, it was his pokerface, and for now his grin was holding true and giving nothing away of his internal glee at the situation. Pretty much everything about his former-virgin giant was exactly what he had been looking for in a holiday.

"I think any kind of sex is fun." he said with a chuckle, tapping at the very red cheeks of the other man. "Lead the way, Red."

He rolled off his lap and onto the floor with the grace of a dancer, using his natural flexibility to show off slightly. He randomly wondered how old Ravn was, considering he knew absolutely nothing aside from his name. He looked young, but he could never tell with humans. If he was human. Maybe he only looked human?
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Sep 4, 2015 (Edit)
(OOC: sorry for the long interval between posts!! I've been feeling awful and never had any motivation to do anything, so I kinda put it off... but fear not! The RP lives!)

Ren listened as BB explained some parts of the language, raising an eyebrow in confusion. It seemed like there were a lot of different words that were only used in specific situations. Maybe he could start slow and use simple greetings instead of using full phrases and such...

"Oh, I see." He muttered. "You might need to teach me more on the pronunciations. I've never learned a different language, so I'll most likely butcher yours when I speak it. I apologize in advance."

Ren couldn't help but laugh as he thought of himself speaking a completely different language, knowing how bad he would sound. He wondered if the Angels had a different language, but he doubted it since he only knew how to speak English. He figured that he would have been born into the language if it was commonly spoken by the Angels.

"It's going to take me quite a while to get used to it. Don't make fun of me if I mess up! It's embarrassing." He exclaimed, a slight blush forming on his cheeks. "If I mess up then just teach me the right way."
Rainbow Master LiCobra Sep 6, 2015 (Edit)
BB laughed as Ren started to get all flustered and self conscious about how he sounded. He bundled his angel up into a big hug and grinned at him, using his hands to poke at his cheeks.

"It's not hard," he said, squashing his cheeks a bit. "We're cows. We moo. That's all there is to it. Focus on the "oo" sound and you'll be fine."

He stopped tormenting his cheeks and instead started to rub at his back where the wings joined. He had said his back was sore after the... well, falling? Gliding? Whatever it was, he had said that his back was sore.

"You don't have to learn it though," he added as he started a gentle massage. "Noa's wife doesn't speak it and she's been with him for... geez... 11 years? She knows bits and pieces, but says its too hard to learn."
Rainbow Apprentice Hetalia_Italy Sep 11, 2015 (Edit)
"I'll just learn it bit by bit." Ren replied, squishing BB's cheeks in retaliation. "I think I might have most of it down in a couple years."

That is, if I end up staying...

He still wondered if he was going to permanently remain here. He doesn't know what will happen in the future. He shook off that thought and leaned against BB's chest once more as his back was being massaged.

"Thank you for this. I need it. Badly." He said, kissing BB's jaw. "I did flap my wings a lot, and my body really isn't used to it yet." He paused for a brief moment. "I really want you to fly with me. It would be really amazing, don't you think?: He added, his voice becoming more soothing.
Rainbow Master LiCobra Sep 12, 2015 (Edit)
BB smiled and kissed the top of his head as he continued his massage. He looked up briefly towards the sky, part of him deep down honestly wanting to be up there in the clouds but another part telling him how impossible that would be.

"I always wanted to fly, growing up with birds'll do that to you." he chuckled, snorted and shook his head. "Maybe one day, but I'm too heavy for you to carry. We have plenty of time to think about it."

He went quiet for a moment while he worked on the muscles that felt like corded wire. He clacked his tongue and eventually had to give up on his endeavour as he realised it wasn't getting anywhere. He smoothed his hands down Ren's back and patted him.

"Come on, I can give you a better massage later. You wanna grab something to eat?" now that the risidual terror of watching Ren fall from the sky has passed his appetite was coming back. It has been a few good solid hours of work, so he figured Ren might be as well.
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